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Chrisandra travels

along the old silk road. With respect and love, she shares the peoples' stories, dances and culture, honoring those, especially women, who have overcome huge obstacles. She inspires us to take this learning forward into our own lives and cultures. 

Shakeh turns her dances into intricate 'narratives' of the human spirit. Her unique presentation and interpretation highlight the power and spirituality of Armenian dances.




Bobbi is an inter- national teacher

and choreographer  She inspires us to embody the gestures and essence of the dance from our hearts and to carry

that as love out into the world.

Laura has devoted her life to re-searching and teaching traditional circle dances and their inherently therapeutic qualities. She is one  'grandmother' of the worldwide Sacred/Circle Dance network.


I am deeply grateful to Chrisandra Harris,

Laura Shannon and Shakeh Major Tchilingirian for having enthusiastically accepted my invitation to participate in this meaningful fundraiser. They are most generously sharing their time and expertise to help make this a rich and vital experience. I could not be doing it without their unwavering support.                                                                                 Bobbi


This is a fundraiser for humanItarian aid.  In lieu of payment for the session, we are requesting that you make a donation directly to one or both of the groups below.

(suggested $20 US/ 15 £ / 18 € )

How to donate:

   click here for 

       International Rescue Committee


         Registration is required

a donation is optional

The form asks for your donation amount, and

your response is optional and confidential.  

We ask only because we would like to know the total of funds we raise.

            LINK to register

   for more information,
   please contact Bobbi at

 Note: The meeting will be recorded for        the private use of the presenters

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