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Words of Appreciation

“Bobbi approaches the dance with reverence and playfulness  She embodies and communicates the sacredness of the dance through her whole being.”

“She is an extremely talented choreographer and gives a wonderful strong connection to the dances and the earth. “

“... what is so special about your dances - you create this amazing energy and strength through your choreographies . “

“Grateful to you for this beautiful gift... this wonderful music with expressive choreography that charmed everybody and made us experience moments of intense emotion. Balm for the soul.”        RS 2012


“Bobbi teaches with gentleness, clarity, and flowing ease. Her choice of dances and music is varied and beautiful, including a broad selection of cultures and styles.”


"Bobbi moves with exquisite attention to each footstep, as if

she were doing every dance for the very first time. She is

fully present and focused while riding the rhythm of the dances 

lightly, joyfully. She embodies both the gleeful child rocking like

a dancing bear and the prayerful, crystalline elder offering

healing to a wounded world."            GEaphs.

“I think everyone appreciates very much that you invest deep thought and creative spirit in crafting your programs. Your sessions are a delight! “

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