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come, Dance with me...

“Bobbi teaches with gentleness, clarity, and  flowing ease. Her choice of dances and music is  varied and beautiful, including a broad selection  of cultures and styles.”



Cummington, MA
Nov. 17. 1:30  - 5PM

West Cummington Parish House

 27 West Main St.,

West Cummington, MA

Master Class

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Brattleboro, VT

Nov. 18   3:30 - 5:30 PM

Aikido Studio,  Cottage Street

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“ The Sacred Dance lives within this lady! 

  The best workshop we’ve ever done! ”  

                                                           Brazil  2012



​Taroudant, MOROCCO.     Full

Feb. 26  -  March 5

Dance Holiday.    

ENGLAND wth Lesley Laslett

March 9

Findhorn Foundation, SCOTLAND

May 18- - 24

Seven Portals into Sacred Circle Dance

Ferry Beach Dance Camp, MAINE




Kio-o Retreat Center,  QUEBEC
Sept.  20 - 22

​Autumnal Equinox

Dancing the Wisdom of the Trees

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