The Story

 Seven Portals

  into Sacred Circle Dance

Come dance the

7  Portals program 

  at   Findhorn                 Foundation

  May 18 - 25, 2019

From Winterberries to Portals: The day I received the 7 portals was an unusual day. Normally I walk along the sea and marshlands, but this day I felt a strong pull to go walking through the wooded moraine trails. At the entry, I stooped down and picked 7 winterberries and decided, on the spot, that I would eat them slowly and consciously, one at a time, as I walked. I had to walk carefully, for the trails are narrow, uneven, and rocky, and the land goes sharply up and down. 

As I relished the first berry, I started thinking about how I’m drawn to Sacred Circle Dance — a simple musing. When I put the second berry in my mouth, I started getting ideas about “seeing" in the dance circle. There was nothing out of the ordinary about my thoughts, but with the next berry, and with each subsequent berry, another aspect of the dance came into my thoughts and into my visceral experience. By the end of my walk, I realized that I had received some body of information that I didn’t consciously seek but that covered a wide area of my circle dance experience. It didn't feel complete, so I walked the trail again, and the categories came through as before, in the same order, but with deeper meaning. 3 being a magic number, I walked the trail one more time, and then came the third, deeper level, leading to sensations of transcendence.

 As I walked home, I realized that something unique had happened. Perhaps I should pay it some attention, so I jotted down what I could remember and went on with my day. Once I got around to studying my scribblings, the form emerged and became clear. I found a name for each category, realizing each was a separate doorway into the experience of Sacred Circle Dance

The information wasn't very earth-shattering or special, but it continues to call for more attention. I feel I have to honor that this information came to me unbidden, as one complete body of thought, in a wild area of Nature that beckoned me one odd day. I feel I have some responsibility to

it— an obligation to listen, to give it life and offer it to others. With the ongoing query of how I would use this information, the 7 winterberries story became the program of 7 Portals into Sacred Circle Dance.

I reflect on the question, if I had been asked to name 7 portals into SCD, what would I have chosen? Not necessarily these. But I think what is unique to these portals which came to me, is that they are an everyday part of our Being . They are directly accessible without any special knowledge, study or ability.  In other words, just as we honor the everyday sacred with our dance, so we have everyday, ordinary tools for going deeper and enhancing our experiences. All that's needed is our attention. That is what my program aspires to do.

The Seven Portals

                  1.  The Call

           2.  Visual Perception

           3.  Physical Connection

           4.  Aural/Hearing

           5.  Energetic Body

           6. Emotional/Heart

           7. Spiritual Connection


Each portal has 3 levels:

  Entry Level  - 

This is how we begin:  it requires attention, some education and practice to get comfortable learning the dances and how to connect

and be in the circle. We can function very well at this level, and it leads us to the next...

 Engaged Level

Here we are involved, more comfortable, receptive, and in the flow. We are connected, learn more quickly and continue to discover,

leading to the...

 Transcending Level

We are moved to a depth of connection with Self, the community of the circle, and more profound elements of the dance. We are part

of the Whole that invites transformation; the dance becomes a spiritual path. At this level, all portals lead to the same place of Oneness, Wholeness and Transcendence.

An brief Example:

2.  Visual Perception

Entry Level– We are looking with our eyes, seeing the others, comparing, maybe judging, I can/I can’t, we begin to learn by watching. The form of the circle begins to be implanted in our consciousness.

Engaged Level– We learn more from watching. We see more, relax into a bigger picture, perceive the movement of the circle, individual styles, patterns, and our eyes soften.

Transcending Level – Our vision becomes receptive, so more universal patterns and images emerge; we no longer need to watch. We have an inner sight that informs our dance.

The Workshop

This workshop is for anyone interested in exploring deeper experiences of Sacred Circle Dance as a tool for transformation. 


This is essentially a program of dance which invites us to journey into the dance through defined portals with presence and intention. The process offers profound connection with the Dance, with Self in the dance, with the whole of the circle and beyond. 

The portals are presented, one at a time, with their corresponding 3 levels in the context of traditional and choreographed dances.

We use movement awareness, practical suggestions, attention and guidance to create visceral pathways into greater spiritual alignment and meaning.

Most of the time will be spent dancing to give optimal opportunities to enter the dance with new awareness and focus. We dance

to explore individually and collectively how each portal can enhance our presence and lead us into transcendence. Each step and gesture becomes a more sacred, intentional act of love, presence, and alignment.

These are doorways that everyone can enter; they are a natural part of our Being, immediately accessible. There are no special requirements or skills or spiritual practices to do – just a desire to experience more conscious movement, a more enlivened energy body and greater communal and spiritual connection that carries through into our daily life. Time in Nature is strongly encouraged.

MY GOAL is to use the 7 portals as open pathways that deepen our experience so that the very act of entering the dance becomes

more sacred, intentional and transcendent. By being more conscious in movement and more present, we create deeper and fuller connections and become more easily aligned with each gesture, each step, each dance, each other and with Spirit.
And we love the dances even more!

Bobbi Bailin   2018

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