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Sacred Circle Dance

Gently, joyously, and with intention, we dance simple steps

creating patterns, spirals, whorls, and mandalas

representing the integrity of the universe

and connecting us with each other and all of Nature. 


Spanning from ancient times to the present, 

from old traditions to newly created ones,

we use the language and structure of folk dance

to establish a community of sharing, caring, and peace

—  all to beautiful World Music

Dancing in Cape Cod, MA

jump outside.jpg

Bobbi Bailin

is an international Sacred Circle Dance teacher and choreographer. With her training in Alexander Body Awareness, Gurdjieff Sacred Dance, and Energy Healing, Bobbi has been exploring the transformational power of conscious movement for over 40 years.

Bobbi approaches Sacred Circle Dance

as a natural and direct path to accessing the everyday sacredness of our humanity and to experience personal and spiritual alignment.

Joining together any group of people moving 

in harmony with one another and with our connections to Spirit...

however that is experienced by each of us.  

7 Portals diagram copy.jpg
7 Portals diagram copy.jpg
Seven Portals
into Sacred Circle Dance
CirclePhoto to alter.jpg

"Bobbi's choreography is of a vibration both unique and eloquent, ranging from highly spiritually evocative to utterly playful. As a teacher, her grace 

in dance and Alexander Technique weave into and through her circles, uplifting and aligning us, and bringing us deeply into our hearts."  (KF 2013)

Sacred Circle Dance Retreat -
Cape Cod  2020 

Bobbi's teaching style is clear and gentle, playful and reverent, patient and peppered with humor.

Her well-loved choreographies to delightful World Music are joyful and soulful, flowing and healing, and deeply connected to Nature.

Together with her original choreographies, Bobbi offers dances from

a variety of cultural traditions and places she has traveled with a focus

on creating peace, harmony, and community. She designs her programs 

to transport us into deeper connection with self, with the dance and with

the flow of the sacred, as she gracefully guides us to move with ease and 

conscious awareness. 

With an ongoing desire to contribute to the dance community, Bobbi runs 

dance retreats in her area and offers mentoring and guidance to new and experienced teachers. She has been a guest teacher in South America,

Brazil, Canada, England, Korea and in circles around the US. In 2019, she

will be teaching in Morocco and offering a week-long dance program at

the Findhorn Foundation, where Sacred Circle Dancing began.

She continues to learn from many well-known teachers while creating

unique approaches to the Sacred in our circles. She is currently working

on her program of the 7 portals into Sacred Circle Dance.

“Bobbi approaches the dance with reverence and playfulness  She embodies and communicates the sacredness of the dance through her whole being.”


Dancing in Korea - photo by Aiyana Bailin


Dancing in CA - photo by Kevin Meyer

Dancing in CA - photo by Kevin Meyer

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